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Meet the team

A pair of professionals are sitting around a table having a discussion.

As parents we're preparing our children for adulthood from the moment they are born, although we often don’t think in those terms.

Meet the York SENDIASS team who will help you on that journey.

York SENDIASS Team Manager, Gillian Bucklow.

Gillian Bucklow, Service Manager

I'm the York SENDIASS Service Manager. I've worked for York SENDIASS since 2008.

I previously worked as a professional mediator for 8 years, helping to negotiate solutions and build trust between parties in Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) tribunal cases, workplace disputes and neighbourhood conflicts.

Having disagreements is not a bad thing, but not having the opportunity to resolve them is. At York SENDIASS we're passionate about creating a time and space to develop understanding and find solutions when things have gone wrong. Where we do have choice, it's important to make it an informed choice.

Outside of work, a good day would be walking for hours with a pack-up and a flask of tea, visiting art and photography exhibitions, or spending time with family and friends.

York SENDIASS Pam Bullivant, Casework Officer

Pam Bullivant, Casework Officer

I've been a York SENDIASS Casework Officer since 2014.

I previously worked in the Special Educational Needs Department managing a small team. The experience I gained in this post has been invaluable in the work I do with York SENDIASS. I've also worked with young people in the youth service for many years.

I find the Casework Officer role very rewarding, and enjoy supporting families to get the best outcomes so that they can move forward.

In my leisure time I volunteer for a local charity, enjoy gardening, the countryside and visiting places of interest. Time spent with family and friends is also very special to me.

York SENDIASS caseworker,  Liz Macdonald.

Elizabeth MacDonald, Casework Officer

I'm a York SENDIASS Casework Officer and Volunteer Coordinator and I've worked for York SENDIASS since 2015.

My previous job role was in Environmental Protection and coming to work for York SENDIASS involved a complete career change!

When my children were small, I was actively involved in York’s Parent Carer Forum (CANDI) and enjoyed helping at my children’s schools including as a school Governor. Later, I volunteered with the Parent Mentoring Service and found that I loved meeting, talking to and working with parents, some of whom had a child with special educational needs, like myself.

In 2015 I started my training with York SENDIASS to become an Independent Supporter while still working part time in Environmental Protection. Luckily, as my training came to an end a job opportunity arose and I jumped at it! I completed my legal training and make sure that my knowledge is kept up to date with any changes to SEND-specific legislation.

For some of my time I work directly with families and their children or young people. I enjoy getting to know and working with the parents who ask for advice. Each family is unique and it’s a huge privilege to help and support them. I find it’s enormously rewarding when a parent, child or young person feels empowered to voice their own views, thoughts and feelings and to bring about change.

I enjoy training and mentoring new team members and our lovely volunteers.

Outside work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, baking, reading and walking our dog, Ted. I don’t like dark, cold mornings!